Taurus Awards 2016

13 May 2016 – Paramount Studios, LA

So this came as one hell of a surprise and I did have to pinch myself on numerous occasions just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming! First 2 weeks in LA and I had the opportunity to go to the most prestigious award events in the Stunt community’s calendar – The Taurus Awards!


It was absolutely incredibly humbling as well as inspiring and motivating to be around such talented people in the industry – I mean Heidi Moneymaker to name but one!! Someone I look up to as a mentor and excel to be like. Completely and utterly star struck.

Watching the ceremony which showcased the best of the best stunt performers and performances was jaw dropping and got me super stoked to work harder once I got back home. I started making new goals and started dreaming much bigger 😉

Not only are the people I met talented but friendly, helpful and so welcoming into the community. Met and partied with some awesome people who I know will be friends for many years to come.

I was also able to support my fellow South African stuntie, Daniel Himschoot, who was nominated for his awesome work on Mad Max: Fury Road. Super proud to have a fellow Capetownian nominated – watch out film world South Africa is on the rise!

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