Dominion Season 2 – Featured Gag

April 2015 – Waterfront Studios Cape Town

Back in February 2015 I was onset for the first time on the series Dominion Season 2. I was supposed to be flung into a tree by one of the Higher Angels. Unfortunately the gag got cut from that Episode due to time constraints. The awesome part of this was that in Episode 5 the same gag was being used, so I got the call back onto set to do it again…but this time into a cement pillar – whoohoo!

Here’s the gag rehearsal into the tree which was for the previous Episode (Episode 02):

So back onset and into prosthetics I go! This time the gag wasn’t cut and I got featured in Episode 5 of Season 2.

Look Mom it’s me and I’m going into a cement pillar πŸ™‚

Being onset was much more fun as I new my way around and felt more comfortable. Also got to work with more of the stunt peeps which was awsome! The vibe onset was relaxed and it was great to feel part of a team. Finally felt like I was home πŸ™‚

Now as much fun as it was, there unfortunately was a downside. During the rehearsal of the gag, I stepped back on my left leg and heard one of the most bone chilling sounds an athletic and active person cam hear – snap! My leg gave way…

I stood up and felt my left knee pop out to the side – my mind immediately started thinking “this is it Lana, you’ve done it again – back to surgery and months of rehabilitation!”. I can guarantee that its the worst feeling ever. But the show must go on! I shrugged it off as a “dead leg” and continued to rehearse the gag a couple more times and then perform the stunt 8 times. You just don’t give in. The minute you hear “Action!” it’s like a switch goes off in your brain – adrenaline starts pumping and you make it happen, no “buts” or “maybes”.

That morning (as it was a night shoot) it was R.I.C.E for me – all you athletes know exactly what I’m talking about. Thank goodness my character was dead for the next night shoot and I spent most of the time dead on floor with my swollen taped up knee.

After months of an incorrect diagnoses of a dislocation in my left knee, I was informed in August 2015 (5 months after the incident) that I had torn my ACL, the ligament which sits behind the knee cap and holds the shinebone (tibia) to the thighbone (femer). With 25% of my ACL left it was back to surgery for me on the 1st of September 2015 and 8 to 12 months of rehabilitation. Told the surgeon I’d do it in under 8 months πŸ˜‰

Right, just another speed bump in my journey to Los Angeles for Stunt Training…

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