Fight Choreography

“Troy: Fall of a City”

Fight Training

September 2016 – Takedown Martial Arts & Fitness Academy, Cape Town

After 3 months in LA, I’m motivated and inspired to get back into training and back to the grind.

Here’s a couple of training sessions with the amazingly talented Grant Powell and Bronwin October. Always learning, always pushing.

As Grant would say, “You can’t be on the mat and not shoot alittle something” πŸ™‚


November 2014 – Cape Town

Was so much fun working on this music video with the talented director Daniel Morcos. It was for the South African group Al Bairre’s new music video called “Bungalow” and was shot at a gymnasium in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

Even though this was a student production, it was my first time in front of the camera…and I loved it! I got to play a karate student for the day and hang out with a couple of ‘shredded’ body builders and gymnasts.

In addition to being in the music video, we were given the oppotunity to have a short fight sequence shot for our own personal showreel. Time to show off the kip-up I had been practicing for the past months, haha.

Here’s my short sequence including the kip-up I nailed.

And here it is, the official music video:

Not only was it great to spend a day with such an awesome group of people, my namd in the credits wasn’t too bad either πŸ˜‰

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