High Falls

“Dead in the Water” Full Body Burn & High Fall

Stunt Co-ordinator: Mick Milligan

High Fall BBQ at Joe Witherell’s

18 June 2016 – Sylmar, California

Joe Witherell & Shawn Balentine hosted probably the best BBQ I have ever been to in my life – good food, great people, a 40ft scaffolding and an air bag…..what more do you need?! šŸ™‚


Finally got to test my nerve and completed a high fall from 40ft (12m) with Joe’s guidance and the motivation and encouragement from the awesome stunt peeps. After my first fall I just couldn’t get enough and kept climbing up to the top for more.

Thanks Tyler Elliot for the cool video from the day:

A huge thanks to Joe and Shawn for organising the BBQ and for letting me join in on the fun, and of cors once again, thanks loads to the amazing stunt peeps for your tips, advice, help and encouragement – something that can never be taken away from me!

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