February 2015 – Waterfront Studios Cape Town

During my lunch hour back in February 2015 when I still had my 8:30 am to 5pm Advertising job, I decided to attend the casting for the 2nd season on Dominion (a Syfy series shooting in South Africa – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3079768/).

This was the first casting I had been to post my foot surgery back in mid April 2014 where I snapped a ligament in my right foot after being slammed into a rock while paragliding….fun times I tell you.

I was pretty chilled at the casting as I wasn’t expecting much to be honest, I mean I had literally just started walking again 5 months earlier. The experience of being at a Stunt casting and showing my interest was good enough for me.

It was quite funny as I rushed to the Waterfront studios with my training gear in a backpack. I had to change from my corporate outfit into my gear just before the casting, rush through the casting, change and then rush back to the office.

I did my piece in the casting (first time flat back, reactions and sword squence ever) and I really didnt think much of it. They took my name down and I went back to the office. All I could think of was what I could have done better and what I could do better for the next casting.

That night I got the biggest surprise ever! The co-ordinator, Kerry Gregg, contacted me and told me that he thought I was great and wanted to use me in the series – I was seriously blown away!! I was so extremely excited and happy that I just couldn’t contain myself – this was the last thing I expected! I hadn’t been this happy in a long time. The thought that I was actually going to be on set and doing stunts was unbelievable. I had been dreaming about this moment for so long.

A couple of days later I rocked up at the Waterfront Studios for rehearsals and was told I was going to be doing a ratchet – a what?? A ratchet. I was like “cool, when do we start?” 🙂

The team proceeded to explained the equipment and gag -my excitement continued to mount. We rehearsed the gag for most of the day. Was so much fun, I just couldn’t get enough! Not only was it fun but I kept on going to try and make sure I was doing it correctly and getting the twist and shot the team needed.

Here’s a couple of the rehearsal takes:

Now that rehearsals were done, I just had to wait for shoot day – this was going to be awesome!!

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