Horse Riding

May, June, July 2016 – Goldspirit Farm, Sylmar, Caifornia & with Darryl Chan

All I can say is that I absolutely fell in love with horses and horse riding after spending time learning and practicing under the watchful eye of Susan at Goldspirit Farm. Every time I told her that “this was my last lesson” I would inevitably end up making another booking for the following week 🙂 .


Thanks again Susan for the great lessons and for teaching me so much in the short amount of time.

June 2016 – Sylmar, California

Had the amazing opportunity to not only meet but learn Western Horse Riding from the incredible and most down to earth human being – Darryl Chan!

This guy has not only appeared in and done stunts for movies such as The Shadow, Rush Hour and the series Martial Law, to name only a few, but worked and trained with Brandon Lee! Was really an absolute honor to be welcomed into his home and taught western style horse riding on his beautiful boy Whiskey 🙂

Thank you so much Darryl for taking the time and teaching me, and of cors thanks to Whiskey for letting me get behind the reins – was so much fun!

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