Athletic Abilities


June 2017 – Stellenbosch

Saturday spent brushing up on my archery with the gang out in Stellenbosch. With a “slight” crosswind, the last technique is super hard to master – haha

Always be able to laugh at yourself sometimes 🙂

Sunday Fundays at Santa Monica Beach

June, July 2016 – Original Muscle Beach, Santa Monica, California

One of the many reasons why I found it so difficult to leave this amazing city – Sunday Funday on the Beach!

Being an absolute beach bum, I already felt at home in Santa Monica – now just add in some yoga, acro-yoga, slack-lining, the travelling rings…..well basically an outdoor playground – and you have me hooked 🙂

Not only get I get my first taste and love for acro-yoga as well as the travelling rings but the people that I met on these days were incredible. Down to earth, free-spirited, friendly, warm and welcoming individuals, just willing and even excited to teach you something new. There was no time for egos as everyone was to busy teaching or learning something new. The vibe was incredible and addictive. I would rock up on “the green” knowing maybe one person, but would leave knowing loads more.

With people’s help and encouragement I ended up doing things which I actually never knew I could do and ended up surprising myself. I truly believe that the spirit in everyone gathering around, teaching, learning and sharing in each others achievements is something that should be found all over the world.

Thank you to everyone who made my Sundays fun days 🙂

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