Hard Hits

ICE (S02, E05) – Car Hit 

Stunt Co-ordinator: Darrel Mclean

Dominion Season 2 – Featured Gag

Stunt Co-ordinator: Kerry Gregg

Back in February 2015 I was onset for the first time on the series Dominion Season 2. I was supposed to be flung into a tree by one of the Higher Angels. Unfortunately the gag got cut from that Episode due to time constraints. The awesome part of this was that in Episode 5 the same gag was being used, so I got the call back onto set to do it again…but this time into a cement pillar

Here’s the gag rehearsal into the tree which was for the previous Episode (Episode 02):



“Hear No Evil – Whispers from the Dead” – Stair fall

Stunt Co-ordinator: Lee-Anne Liebenberg & John Smith from SFX & Stunt Inc.

Here I doubled for Adam Lennox who played “Nick” in the episode.

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