Water Cannon Hit – Sanlam Commercial

September 2017 – Cape Town City Centre

Got to work on my first commercial with Mo Marais (Stunt Network) as well as Grant Powell.

It was for a Sanlam Commercial and the action was rioters being hit by a water cannon. Myself and the stunties spent the day in wetsuits under our wardrobe and prepared ourselfs to be soaked for most of the day. The guys took most of the hits but myself and Viktorija Ciric threw in a couple of falls as well….can’t be on set and not get in on the action 😉

Behind the scences showing the actual falls (I’m in the light denim jacket). Big up to all the guys as well as Blaze on the hard knock at the end! 😉

Unfortunately the falls were cut from the final edit but it was still an awesome day working with the team.

The Riot makes its appearance at approximately 00:45 –

Thanks again to Mo, Grant and the team – great day and vibe on set….so much fun!



Mo Marais (Stunt Network), Grant Powell

Stunt Performers:

Daniel Himschoot, Viktorija Ciric, Blaze Agulhas, Mandla Dolosi, Lana Katz



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