Full Body Burns

“Dead in the Water” Full Body Burn & High Fall

Stunt Co-ordinator: Mick Milligan

Guinness World Record

Stunt Team Full Body Burn Workshop

January 2016 – Paarden Eiland Cape Town

The Stunteam (the amazing Grant Powell & Vernon Willemse – http://thestunteam.com/pages/about-us/) was offereing spots at a Full Body Burn workshop – sign me up, I’m there! You’ve got to keep investing in yourself.


We were taught the ins and outs of what went into the prep of a body burn – the types of gels, checking the gels, the clothing involved and getting ready to be set on fire. It was very hands on as we also got the chance to prep each other.


Once prep was done, it was down to business….the full body burn baby!

It was truely one unbelievable experience. Had so much fun and learnt tons for the team. I cannot wait to do it again, and this time even better!

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Again, anyday spent with the stunt peeps, is a great day!!

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