Scuba Open Water, Buoyancy & Nitrox Course

13 June 2016 – PCH Scuba, Agoura Hills, California

Next skill to achieve on the list – PADI Open Water. Over the course of a couple of weeks I went from scuba novice to Open Water Diver including Buoyancy and Nitrox specialties with help from the great team at PCH Scuba in Agoura Hills.

First weekend was spent at the shop going through the study material, theory and of cors writing the tests – then came the practical at San Fernando Swimming Pool.

June 2016 – Catalina Island

Got the awesome opportunity to travel to Catalina Island for the first time where we had to complete 3 dives and perform specific tasks with an instructor. Now this is what I’m talking about – diving out in the big blue ocean. Absolutely loved it! Seeing the ocean life swimming passed your mask while you “hover” over the ocean floor was incredible! Learning how to use your breath in order to control your buoyancy was also incredibly interesting, challenging and fun at the same time.

We stayed on the beautiful island for the weekend in order to complete the dives, however the conditions deteriorated and we were only able to complete 2 dives.

So how was I going to complete my last dive…..haha, bring on Anacapa 🙂

4 July 2016 – Channel Islands National Park, Anacapa

America’s Day of Independence and I found myself back with the PCH Team on board the Peace and on the way out to Anacapa in the Channel Islands National Park.


I was able to complete my final dive, as well as an additional 2 dives. At this point the dives started to become more relaxed and fun as I started to grasp the buoyancy technique. Spotted a bass and a seal playfully zipped through the group.

Met awesome people during the Scuba Course and made some new friends which I know I will be diving with in the future.

Thanks again to Brett Bovard, Amy Desuza, Nikki Girard, Sean Wright & Kevin Bond – you guys rock! 🙂

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