A born and bred South African, I grew up in a suburb called Durbanville outside of Cape Town’s city centre.

I’ve always been active and was forever coming home after an excursion dirty with cuts, bruises and tall tales. Unfortunately for my mom I was way too busy climbing the next tree or looking for the next adventure to be bothered with pretty pink dresses. A tom boy through and through. Always eager to try new things I took part in almost every sport through out my childhood – dancing, hockey, swimming, netball and athletics to name a few.

Now, from growing up in the suburb, the ‘way of the world’ was as follows; 1) Go to school 2) Go to college/university 3) Get a job 4) Get married 5) Buy a house 6) Have kids 7) Die. This is the way life is.

Well for 10 years I followed these ‘instructions’ up until November 2013 when my life was turned upside down and I made the conscience decision to do what I love and what makes me happy instead of what is expected of me. Time to get out of the comfort zone and start living.

This is when my journey towards being a stunt woman began.

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